Why the Dehydration Epidemic is a Growing Concern and How Booster Alkaline Water Can Help

Greetings, thirsty folks! Hydrate yourselves and fasten your seat belts because we are about to head on a hydration adventure and learn about the new epidemic! Yes! You heard it right! Dehydration has turned into an epidemic that has got the tongues to wag and water bottles to tremble. Picture this: Earth, as dry as a bone and filled with individuals roaming around in search of water, looking like a drooping plant in desperate need of just a drop of water! Sounds like a plot straight out of a Sci-fi movie, doesn't it? The dehydration epidemic is a real concern but worries no more! We have the ultimate dehydration hero “Alkaline Water” a superhero in disguise!

The Great H2O crisis

We would always imagine a world without water to drink and now it is just not part of imagination; but has turned into reality! A gruesome reality! The dehydration epidemic is a growing concern with effects for all ages like dizziness, crankiness and sluggishness. Dehydration causes energy levels to plummet and a lack of focus and as unbelievable as this sounds many people are subjecting themselves to the wrath of dehydration! In our today’s busy lifestyle of Netflix and chilling or sitting for hours in front of the screen, we completely forget about the need to keep ourselves hydrated. Fret not! There is always light at the end of the tunnel! It is time to introduce you to the saviour of your life- Booster Alkaline Water!

A quenching hero emerges Booster Alkaline Water!

Now that we know who the enemy is (dehydration), let’s find a way to fight and feel like a million bucks. A superhero with a cape is emerging from the clouds to save the day: Booster Alkaline Water bottle. This is no regular water but a refreshing alternative that has the ability to neutralise the acidity within our bodies! With a higher pH level of up to 8 to 8.5 alkaline water claims to offer improved hydration, pH balance in our body to a lot more! That’s not all that alkaline water does! Booster alkaline water has a range of benefits and it is like winning a war against all the problems in your body!

The Secret Ingredient: Alkalinity and Electrolytes

When it comes to hydration a unique blend of alkaline minerals and electrolytes work together to keep you healthy. Drinking alkaline water is like giving your body a mini spa only without the fancy cucumber slices on your eyes! We have introduced you pretty well to alkaline water, now it’s time to tell you about something even better than Alkaline water, black water!

Black water is alkaline water infused with fulvic acid which gives the water its colour! Fulvic acid is known to be a natural compound found in soil and is very popular for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties! Let’s sip hurray because we are about to battle the dehydration epidemic with just a sip of water and this is how this is going to work:

  1. Detoxify with a Splash- Alkaline water is a natural detoxifier which will help you in flushing out the toxins and impurities from your body and keep you hydrated! Wave goodbye to feeling like human trash and say hello to glowing you!
  2. pH Party- Booster alkaline water has a perfectly balanced pH level, known to be neither too acidic nor too alkaline. It is like the perfect fairytale porridge only for you because we care for your health!
  3. Refreshing Taste- Booster water has a very crisp and refreshing taste that will bring a bundle of joy to you and your tongue! Every sip that you have of Booster water will feel like a splash of cold water on a hot day and your taste buds will surely do a happy dance!
  4. Bye-bye Acid Reflux- Regretting the Chinese you ate last night? We are here to your rescue from the burning sensation in your chest from too much spicy food! Alkaline water helps you in neutralising excess acid in your stomach and gives a sweet relief to your fiery discomfort!

Booster water not only benefits your body and keeps your skin glowing but it also is a superhero for mother earth. We pack our refreshing drinks in environment-friendly cans to reduce plastic waste, so, raise your cans for a toast to a greener future!

Now we know what you are thinking, “Where can we get this magic water?” Well, bid farewell to your regular water and jump into the quirky world of Booster Water, because we are just a click away! Embrace your hydration journey with us, whether you are at your office, working out at the gym or just binge-watching your favourite show, keep your alkaline water bottle beside you and stay hydrated! Keep sipping my friends! Cheers!