what makes black alkaline water different from regular alkaline water

With the growing interest in Alkaline water in recent years, people are considering the new water as the healthier alternative. As water is a basic necessity of human life and the quality we consume plays a major role in our well-being and overall health. People worldwide are becoming health conscious and looking for ways to improve health and switching from regular water to different alternatives! Let’s find out what makes black alkaline water different from regular alkaline water.

What is Alkaline water?

Alkaline water is the new age water with a pH level greater than 8, which is considered neutral, helping in improving digestion, and hydration and reducing inflammation. Whilst regular water has a pH between 6.5 to 8.5 making it not as healthier as alkaline water.

What is Black Alkaline Water?

Black alkaline water is created through the electrolysis process when fulvic acid is infused in regular alkaline water.

Black water is special because of its natural compound: Fulvic acid which can be found in soil and is widely known for its mindblowing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, fulvic acid also helps with the absorption of nutrients and minerals in our body!

It also helps in the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the body, providing additional benefits.

What makes Black Alkaline and Alkaline water different from each other?

Colour- Due to the presence of fulvic acid black alkaline water is dark in colour, while regular alkaline is clear.

Mineral Content- With a higher mineral content due to the presence of fulvic acid Black alkaline water becomes healthier than regular alkaline water. Fulvic acid contains over 70 trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium which is crucial for maintaining good health. It is widely said that black alkaline water is similar to that of high-quality mineral water.

Taste- Due to the presence of fulvic acid black alkaline water has a natural and earthy taste which helps in adjusting the often bitter taste of alkaline water.

Benefits of Black Alkaline Water-

Boosts immune system- The black water helps fight diseases and illnesses due to the enhanced production of white blood cells, as it plays an important role in the immune system of our body.

Powerful antioxidants- With free radicals in our body, cells get damaged which can cause ageing and various diseases. Black alkaline water is a good source of neutralising these free radicals and helps in protecting against oxidative stress.

Absorption of nutrients and minerals- As the black alkaline water has natural chelators present in it, thus it helps in bringing all the nutrients together and transporting them back up to the body, making black water beneficial for the human body. Additionally, it also helps in reducing digestive issues like bloating, gas and constipation with its enhanced ability to absorb nutrients.

Increased energy- Black alkaline water is popularly known for its increased energy levels as the Fulvic acid present in it improves cellular functions and thus increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue. The minerals present in black water also replenish electrolytes and improve hydration.

pH balance- Due to factors like stress, poor diet and pollution, the body's pH levels can become acidic, and thus black water helps in maintaining the pH balance of our body. It also prevents health issues that may be caused due to acidity.

Skin health- Black alkaline water is proven to be good for the skin as it helps in improving skin health and detoxifies harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body. It reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, while black water also helps in improving overall skin health including skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

Bone health- With the presence of 70 trace minerals like magnesium and calcium black water helps in improving your bone health. The minerals present in black water are extremely important to maintain strong bones and prevent bone loss, which also helps in various bone-related issues like osteoporosis.

Water is believed to cure all health problems and staying hydrated improves overall health. It is always best to consult a healthcare professional before bringing any major changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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